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Zhejiang Launches a Pilot Project on the Online Identification of Civil Cases
2018-01-11 09:33:18

On January 8, reporters learned that, at the end of December 2017, the online forensic platform of Zhejiang has achieved data sharing with 11 accreditation bodies, popularized in the identification of forensic, physical evidences and imaging materials. 364 online identification cases have been successfully completed, with a declaration of the average identification period from more than 3 months to less than 25 days. In November 2017, Zhejiang Provincial Higher People’s Court and Provincial Department of Justice implemented the online appraisal reform of civil cases in Yuhang in the whole process of identification through effectively communicating parties, courts, judicial administrative organs and judicial appraisers on the basis of Internet technology.
Zhuang Yincai, Vice President of the People’s Court of Yuhang District of Hangzhou, told the reporter that it was more convenient for online trails when the dispute of the case was not big, agreement achieved by both parties, and applicable without affecting the case of the appraisal conclusion. After receiving appraisal fees, the appraisal agency should complete the identification within 15 working days. However, cases with complicated details, big disputes or requests of parties for the participation in the appraisal process were applicable to offline review. The determination of the appropriate identification period varied in terms of the identification type. Specifically, the identification of forensic, physical evidences, audio and video data was 30 working days, while project cost and quality appraisal 60 working days.

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