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Provincial Internal Revenue Bureau Issues New Rules to Make Export Rebates More Convenient
2018-01-10 09:24:58

“Settled in Zhejiang province since 2014, the enterprise has gradually grown to be the foreign trade integrated service entity (short for Integrated Service Business below), accounting for 91.8% of the comprehensive service business tax refund of the whole province. We have enjoyed some privileges during our development, for example, Zhejiang recently issued supplementary detailed rules for the new deal, which surely brings a lot of convenience to us.” Ni Ting talked about with feelings, tax manager of Zhejiang region, from Alibaba Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Platform “Just One Touch”.
The detailed rules of what Ni Ting said was the announcement that the provincial Internal Revenue Bureau issued in December 27, 2017, which was the first supporting measure for the export tax rebate policy in China. In view of the new challenges facing the comprehensive service enterprise such as the excessive tax liability and the limited scope of the service manufacturing enterprises and their export goods, the State Administration of Taxation issued No.35 Announcement in September last year to adjust and improve the export refund (exemption) tax management measures of the current comprehensive service enterprises. According to the Announcement, the tax rebate declared from the self-employed enterprises as comprehensive service enterprises is replaced with the centralized declaration by the integrated service enterprises on behalf of manufacturing enterprise. Reporters learned that the Announcement, based on the reality of Zhejiang, was detailed and supplemented according to the Announcement on the Adjustment and Improvement of the Matters Related to the Refund (Exemption) of Exported Goods by Foreign Trade Comprehensive Service Enterprises issued by the State Administration of Taxation.

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