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Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate Transfers 24th Batch of Petition Letters
2017-09-07 09:31:44

At 9 a.m. September 4th, the 2nd Central Environmental Protection Inspectorate transferred the 24th batch of petition letters, 286 in total, to Zhejiang, among which 2 were of great emergency and should be paid special attention to.
Sorted by pollution types, the 286 petition letters are: 101 on water, 97 on air, 33 on noise, 14 on cooking fume, 10 on garbage, 9 on ecology, 8 on flowing dust, 14 on other pollutants. Sorted by regions, they are 64 on Hangzhou (including 1 emergent letter), 50 on Ningbo, 15 on Wenzhou, 13 on Huzhou, 10 on Jiaxing, 37 on Shaoxing, 42 on Jinhua (including 1 emergent letter), 20 on Quzhou, 0 on Zhoushan, 26 on Taizhou, and 9 on Lishui.
As of 4 p.m. September 4th, 24 batches (4697 petition letters) have been transferred to local governments and provincial departments, among which 186 letters are repeated. 3301 letters have been reported to be handled. 4691 units have been urged to rectify the problems, and 2459 units have been punished legally with a fine of 138.4426 million yuan. What’s more, 91 cases have been finalized for investigation, 55 people have been under administrative detention and 60 under criminal detention. Besides, 523 people and 5 units have been arranged talks, and 240 people and 26 units have been held accountable including 1 department leader, 61 cadres of section-level, and 178 cadres below section-level.


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