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Zhejiang First Accomplishes New Round Transformation of Rural Grid
2017-09-29 09:43:24

On September 27, reporters learned from State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company that, the “Two-year Uphill Battle” project of the new round rural grid transformation and upgrade, jointly carried out by State Grid and Zhejiang Provincial Government, has been accomplished ahead of schedule provincial wide. With the accomplishment of grid transformation and upgrade in 3,014 central villages in the province, at present power supply reliability of central villages in Zhejiang reaches 99.931%, with 6 hours of average annual outage time, far exceeding the national average level of rural grid and favorably comparable with power supply in most cities of China.
The grid is an important infrastructure for advancing agricultural modernization, speeding up new urbanization and new rural construction, and improving the welfare of farmers. In the past two years, State Grid Zhejiang Electric Power Company and Zhejiang Provincial Government have made a total investment of 1.4 billion yuan or so, newly building two 35-kv transformer substations in 3,014 central villages, constructing and transforming 30 km of 35-kv lines, 1,352 km of 10-kv lines, 3,254 km of low-voltage lines and 1,558 sets of distribution transformers, with the capacity of distribution transformers newly built or transformed reaching 560,000 kva and the number of household electricity meters transformed amounting to 240,000. Till now, the power supply reliability of central villages in areas under transformation in Zhejiang has reached 99.931%, the qualification rate of composite voltage has been up to 99.997% and average household capacity of distribution transformer has arrived at 4.21 kva, which has met the power supply level of most of the domestic cities, completely meeting the needs of villagers to power on simultaneously air conditioning, floor heating, water heater and other high-power electrical appliances.

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