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10 Initiatives for Facilitating Convenience Services Issued by Zhejiang Public Security Department
2017-09-25 09:43:58

You don’t have to go back and forth to handle identity card replacement in different places, and dealing with registered permanent residence, identity cards, residence permits and other services needn’t to queue for payment as well. On September 20, Zhejiang Public Security Department officially issued 10 initiatives for facilitating convenience services to promote the reform of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” in a speedy and effective manner.
Affairs concerning the service of public security organs are very close to the masses, and as for the service of identity card replacement alone, it relates to over 3.5 million floating population, dwelling, obtaining employment, and studying in various places of Zhejiang province, as well as tens of thousands of the registered population inconsistent with their residence registration, workplaces and places of residence. With the full implementation of resident identity cards, the province residents can apply for the replacement of identity cards at any household registration police station within the province (including the card center, household administration center, etc.) due to the expiration of validity period, damage or loss. With regard to the identity cards and residence permits, Zhejiang also launches the SMS Reminder service for the expiration of the identity cards and residence certificate endorsement, including the express service for residence certificates within the province.

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