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First 31 Batches of Petition Letters from the Central Environmental Inspectorate Made Public
2017-09-25 09:43:02

Up till 9 a.m., on September 20, the Central Environmental Inspectorate has handed over to our province 33 batches of 6,920 petition letters, with 253 key cases. There are all together 6,827 closed cases being reported from different regions, 7,227 businesses being ordered rectification, 4,306 businesses being placed on file, proposing a fine of 224.2705 million yuan, 102 cases under investigation, 70 people under administrative detention as well as 68 people under criminal detention.
With regard to accountability, 744 people have been called to interview in our province, including 639 public officials (with two village committees and heads of state-owned enterprises), and 5 units; 313 people and 30 units being asked responsibility, including 1 cadre at the municipal level, 77 at the section level, 235 under the section level; 132 people being circulated a notice of criticism, 152 people with the admonition, 20 people being given punishments by party discipline agencies, and 9 people are dealt with by party organizations.
Through the audit of Provincial Petition Group, the first 31 batches of petition letters handed to our province by the Central Environmental Inspectorate are in line with the case standards, and they have been open to the public.

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