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Zhejiang Revises the Minimum Living Guarantee Measures
2017-09-20 09:55:37

Reporters learned from Zhejiang Provincial Legislative Affairs Office that, on September 15, the draft of “Zhejiang Provincial Minimum Living Guarantee Measures” (hereinafter referred to as “Measures”) was approved on Zhejiang Provincial Government Executive Meeting.
The revision of “Measures” was incorporated into Zhejiang Provincial Government’s legislation plan for 2017. It has been the first comprehensive revision since Zhejiang first launched “Zhejiang Provincial Minimum Living Guarantee Measures” within the country in 2011.
The newly-revised “Measures” stipulates the main responsibilities of the minimum living guarantee work for the related governments at or above the county level and the towns (districts),  and requests villages (residents) committee to complete the assistance work. And the financial and audit departments above the county level should supervise the usage of the minimum living guarantee funds according to the law.
Regarding to the minimum living guarantee, “Measures” stipulates that the lowest living guarantee standard within their respective administrative areas is determined and published by its governments, and can be differentiated in a different county (city, area) according to the actual situation. At the same time, the municipal government (divided into districts), which determines the minimum living standards, should ask county (municipal, district) governments as well as Zhejiang Provincial Financial Department and Civil Affairs Department for advice. On the basis of “Interim Measures for Social Assistance” and “Zhejiang Provincial Social Assistance Regulations”, “Measures” further defines the scope of family members of subjects, makes regulations on the family income and property condition, and accredits Zhejiang Provincial Civil Affairs Department and other related departments to make the specific measures.

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