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Joint State and Local Taxation Services Accessible All across Zhejiang
2017-09-18 09:59:45

As early as 2006, the Zhejiang Provincial Office of the State Tax Administration (SAT) issued the Operational Guideline of Zhejiang on the “One Window” Taxpayer Service for VAT, officially taking the first step toward the “one window” taxation model. Following the SAT’s deployment of state-local joint taxation in 2015, Zhejiang started upgrading the earlier “One Window” approach toward state-local joint taxation service. Early in 2016, given that the collaboration between state and local tax administrations was officially high on the agenda of the Program for Deepening the Reform of State and Local Tax Administration System, more efforts were made in Zhejiang to digitize the “One Window” model. In prioritizing the “at-most-one presence” reform with the support of across-the-board application of the “One Window” model, SAT Zhejiang Provincial Office, highly acclaimed by taxpayers, has managed to provide joint state and local tax services all across the province on a comprehensively integrated platform for unified service processes.

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