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Central Environmental Protection Supervision Group Hands over 31st Batch of Petition Letters to Zhejiang
2017-09-14 09:06:27

At 9 a.m. on September 11, the Central Environmental Protection Supervision handed over the 31st batch of 255 petition letters to Zhejiang, in which no key ones are included.
According to the classification of pollution types, the 31st batch of 255 petition letters is divided as follows: 84 on water, 74 on air, 36 on noise, 13 on oilsmoke, 6 on ecology, 8 on dust, 6 on garbage and 28 on other pollutants. In terms of regional distribution, 56 petition letters are for Hangzhou, 24 for Ningbo, 24 for Wenzhou, 14 for Huzhou, 11 for Jiaxing, 42 for Shaoxing, 26 for Jinhua, 8 for Quzhou, 3 for Zhoushan, 29 for Taizhou and 19 for Lishui (including 1 letter for two regions).
As of 4 p.m. on September 11, 31 batches of 6536 petition letters have been turned over to local governments and provincial departments, of which 189 are repeated ones. 5069 letters have been reported handled. 6151 units have been urged to rectify the problems, and 3477 units have been punished legally with a fine of 188.7809 million yuan. 97 cases have been filed for investigation, 69 people have been under administrative detention, and 62 under criminal detention. Besides, 690 people and 5 units have received admonishment interviews, and 279 people and 28 units have been held accountable, including 1 department leader, 66 carders of section-level, and 212 people below section-level.

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