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Yuan Jiajun: Deepen Financial Reform to Serve Real Economy and Prevent Risks
2017-09-13 09:34:23

On September 8, Yuan Jiajun, Governor and Deputy Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, investigated financial work in Hangzhou. He stressed that all localities and departments should further study and implement the spirit of Xi Jinping’s important speech of July 26 and the spirit of national financial work conference, fully implement the decisions and work arrangements by the provincial party congress, give full play to finance as an amplifier and a multiplier in promoting the rapid growth of the real economy, so that the obstacles of innovative development and the service for the real economy and small and micro enterprises can be overcome through reform. The governor also pointed out that the service capacity and overall competency of financial institutions can be improved through innovation, financial resources can be integrated in a greater range by opening up, and the innovation ability, planning power and executive force of financial teams can be comprehensively upgraded through talents, so as to motivate the positive cycle and healthy development of economy and finance, and make greater contribution to the advancement of the “two high levels” construction.
Yuan Jiajun said that in recent years, the rapid growth of Zheshang Bank has played an important role in the supply-side structural reform, and the development of the real economy and private economy. Zheshang Bank should serve Zhejiang entrepreneurs and Zhejiang, and make contribution to the province’s steady economic development. Furthermore, the bank should improve its innovative ability and accelerate its own development, actively embracing the historical opportunities of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation and quickening the step of digital transformation, so as to better serve innovation and Zhejiang. Meanwhile, financial risks should be prevented through institutional improvement and management capacity building to maintain a good financial ecology. Innovative fforts should be made to provide characteristic services for major projects and small and micro enterprises, focusing on the major strategic initiatives of “large bay area”, “large garden” and “large channel”, and the construction of Qiantang River Financial Harbor, in a bid to serve the province's economic and social development.

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