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Jilin Delegation Made an Investigation Trip in Zhejiang
2017-09-11 10:13:57

From September 6 to 7 Jilin delegation made an investigation trip in Zhejiang.
On the afternoon of September 6, Che Jun, Secretary of  CPC Zhejiang Committee and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang People’s Congress, and Yuan Jiajun, Deputy Secretary of CPC Zhejiang  Committee and Governor of Zhejiang Province, held a talk with Liu Guozhong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Jilin Committee and Governor of Jilin Province, and his entourage. Yuan Jiajun accompanied the delegation in Hangzhou. Ren Zhenhe, Chen Jinbiao, Feng Fei and some Jilin Provincial leaders including Lin Wu, Jiang Zhiying, Wang Kai and Liu Changlong attended the talk.
Che Jun welcomed Jilin delegation to Zhejiang. He said that it is the high time to seize the vital opportunity of “revitalizing Northeast China and other old industrial base” put forward by the CPC Central Committee in recent years, and that Jilin Province gathered strength to promote a new round of comprehensive revitalization and made lots of new achievements, among which many good practices and experiences were worth learning. Since having different resource endowments and complementary industrial advantages, Zhejiang and Jilin have great room in cooperation. Through earnestly studying and acting on President Xi’s important speeches and instructions on revitalizing Northeast China, Zhejiang will get closer contacts, have broader communication and more in-depth cooperation with Jilin to promote multi-level connections between Jilin products and Zhejiang market, and connections between Jilin resources and Zhejiang capital, hence to promote transformation upgrading and achieve a win-win development according to the deployment of partner cooperation made by the CPC Central Committee.
Meanwhile, Che Jun expressed his hopes that the two sides could focus on outstanding advantages and expand areas in the industry cooperation by the following measures: promoting Jilin’ s equipment to expand Zhejiang’ s market while strengthening the cooperation between production and marketing of Jilin’ s specialty agricultural products and tourism, film and television, seizing opportunities and strengthening coordination in implementing the “One Belt and One Road” Initiative, while strengthening the docking and cooperation between ports, trains and airlines to actively support the exploration of the northeast Asian market by Zhejiang foreign trade enterprises, building a good platform and deepening cooperation in scientific and technological innovation to promote cooperation between universities, research institutes and enterprises in the field of research and development. Since the partner assistance to Yanbian prefecture of Jilin Province is a major political task entrusted to Zhejiang by the CPC Central Committee, Zhejiang will bring its efforts into full play, take appropriate measures and make the best efforts to help the Yanbian prefecture to win the fight against poverty as scheduled.

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