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Trade Unions at Various Levels in Zhejiang Take Measures to Help the Front-line Workers Combat Summer Heat
2017-07-27 10:17:40

In recent days, 10 groups, organized by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, head for various places across the province to visit and console the front-line workers, such as key project builders, sanitation workers and traffic police, binging them family-like care.
Under the unified deployment of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, trade union organizations at various levels carried out activities featured as "safe-ensuring and heat-combating" to ensure measures of heat control are implemented on enterprises, shifts and teams, and workers as well. It is reported, in 2017, 3.5 million Yuan is set aside by Hangzhou Municipal Federation of Trade Unions to combat summer heat. In total, there are 30000 workers as the focus, including the high temperature front-line workers of some key municipally-owned enterprises and those of Great Jiangdong Industrial Concentration Area, construction personnel of provincial and municipal key construction projects, outdoor on-duty officers (traffic police and city administration officers) patrolling in the main urban area, sanitation workers and chargers of car-parking in the main urban area, construction personnel of the 19th Asian Games venues, service staff of the 13th National Students Sports Games and etc.

Ningbo’s Federation of Trade Unions has launched hundred-day heatstroke prevention and temperature reduction campaigns. The city and County (city and district) trade union, the industry trade union, and the town(street) trade union, interacting with each other, have fund-raised a sum of 5 million Yuan, visited and consoled 1000 most vulnerable enterprises and 10000 most vulnerable staffs to heat attacks, and urged the enterprises to protect the staffs working in high temperature.
Wenzhou’s Federation of Trade Unions sent consolations to staffs involved in key construction projects and activities crucial to Wenzhou’s central work. It’s said that 5 working groups of the trade union have visited 35 companies in succession, paid consolations to over 5000 front line staffs braving the high temperature and dispatched summer heat relieving items and other gifts valued 420000 Yuan.

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