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100 Days Campaign for Food Safety Ends
2017-07-25 09:44:04

On the morning of July 20, the provincial government held a press conference and reported the results of the 2017 provincial “100 Days Campaign” for food safety. According to statistics, during the activity, Zhejiang Province dispatched more than 400 thousand people who inspected different types of food randomly for more than 8.15 batches. The activity tested about 294,000 food production and business units, and supervision departments investigated and penalized 14500 illegal practices. 7,101 cases were put on the record and 388 cases recorded as criminal cases. Some major hidden risks have been controlled efficiently and the situation of food security has been improved continuously.

On March 1, 2017, Zhejiang Provincial Food Safety Commission launched the “100 Days Campaign” for food safety throughout the province, with a focus on 9 crucial steps, such as cultivation and breeding of edible agricultural products, planting of edible forest products, primary breeding of aquatic products, production of food and related products, food circulation, catering services, the quality and safety of beef cattle from the outside of Zhejiang, conference marketing of health food, and the sources of imported food, and 6 key areas, including urban-rural interfaces, concentration districts of planting and breeding, special areas of imported food, surrounding areas of food wholesale markets, surrounding areas of farmers markets and surrounding areas of the campus. All localities and departments at all levels have removed 224 food safety hazards through open and secret supervising and inspection, with gridding method, in a bid to conduct a thorough renovation with zero tolerance.
Next, Zhejiang will spare no effort to promote the modernization of food management, build 2 national-level cities and 9-national-level counties for quality and safety of agricultural products, and deepen the measures for the people’s livelihood, such as "demonstration supermarkets for quality-assured meat and vegetables" and the new three-year plan on food quality for millions of students, in a bid to build “Zhejiang Model” for food quality.


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