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Zhejiang’s Characteristic Towns Show Strong Development Momentum
2017-07-24 10:22:00

The Pelagic Fishery Town, located at the Dinghai West Fishery Port, is well-known as a “Century-old Fishery Port”. It has an area of 3.18 square kilometers and more than 40 aquatic products processing enterprises. Its output of aquatic products accounts for 22% of the national total, and the output of squid products exceeds 70% of the national market share. Since the town was approved to be the country’s only pelagic fishery base by the Agriculture Department in April 2015, it, with preferential tax treatment, has gradually achieved industrial transformation and upgrading and grown to be a modern, national base which integrates the functions of aquatic products transfer, an electronic trading market, financial services, and cold-chain processing.
Characteristic towns, as epitomized by the Pelagic Fishery Town, are a new carrier for Zhejiang’s economic transformation and upgrading as well as a new platform for fostering and promoting industrial development. In implementing the “at-most-one-time presence” reform, Zhejiang’s local taxation and state taxation departments at all levels have given sustained attention to the construction of characteristic towns and spared no effort to promote their development.

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