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No Legwork Needed to Apply for a Company License
2017-07-24 10:17:41

A company license can be retrieved through on-line procedures and trips to the approving agency are no longer necessary. At 2:40 pm, July 19, Chen Yuhao, the legal representative of Zhejiang Xingguan Information Technology Ltd., obtained an electronic business license through his mobile phone, which is also the first fully electronic registered business license in Zhejiang Province.
Since 2:30 am, the provincial full electronic registration management system covering the functions of electronic signature, electronic archives and electronic license issuance has been launched first in Jinhua, which symbolizes that enterprise registration in Jinhua has entered a “key-to-key” approval stage, and the “at-most-one-time presence” reform has been accelerated.
After having obtained the license, Chen Yuhao settled his company in the Peking University Science Technology Park on the day and became a maker in software development. “Your start-up dream could be realized with only a computer and a mobile phone,” said Chen Yuhao. He had never imagined that the whole application process, including company name approval, registration, review and licensing, is finished paper-free, with no fee and legwork.
The full electronic process for enterprise registration refers to paperless business procedures including application, acceptance, approval, licensing, and public notification, which are handled entirely through on-line data exchange. And the applicant does not need to queue for the submission of application documents at the registration office.
It is reported that as a national pilot unit for, Zhejiang Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce are making every effort in developing the full online business registration system in Zhejiang. By applying advanced Internet technologies, the system is characterized by rapid speed, secure data, convenient search, and intelligent assistance. It is expected that the paperless online registration system including electronic signature, electronic filing and electronic licensing will be fully implemented in the province by the end of this month.

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