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Zhejiang Implements Administrative Measures on Emission Rights Repurchase
2017-07-21 10:41:39

Zhejiang Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau recently issued the Interim Administrative Measures on Emissions Rights Repurchase in Zhejiang Province (Exposure Draft), which covers issues such as surplus emission rights confirmation, emission rights repurchase regulation, emission rights repurchase procedure, and emission rights repurchase fund management. It will be officially enforced on July 31, which marks Zhejiang’s emission rights repurchase enters a standardized stage.
Emission rights repurchase refers to the operations that environmental protection authorities at all levels recover without compensation or buy back surplus emission rights from pollution emitted units as the government's reserve emission rights. Surplus emission rights are pollutant discharging rights that pollution emitted units have reduced in eliminating backward and surplus production capacity and promoting cleaner production, pollution control and technological upgrading.
At present, Zhejiang’s indicators required for emission rights repurchase include chemical oxygen demand, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. For example, according to the paid use policy of the emission rights, an enterprise can have 169 tons of sulfur dioxide emission after paying the fee for the right. If the enterprise implements technical transformation in the following year and remarkably reduces the pollution emissions, with sulfur dioxide emissions per year less than 169 tons, then its surplus emission rights can be traded.
In June 2017, Yongkang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau bought back a per-year quota of surplus sulfur dioxide emissions and nitrogen oxide emissions from a chemical enterprise, which is 51.2 tons and 39.9 tons respectively, in a total of 135 thousand yuan.

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