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Shaoxing, Huzhou and Quzhou Take Lead in Eliminating Inferior Class V Water
2017-07-19 10:11:04

Zhejiang Provincial Office of Water Management recently issued a report on the progress of the key tasks of water control and inferior Class V water elimination. From January to June, the provincial water environment was improved remarkably, and the number of inferior Class V cross-sections at the county and above level control was reduced from 58 (at the beginning of the year) to 23. Of all the small and micro inferior Class V water bodies officially listed at the beginning of the year, 8,936 were treated.
In the first half of the year, Zhejiang invested RMB12.49 billion in improving small and micro water bodies. According to the Administrative Regulations on Acceptance Inspection of Inferior Class V Water Elimination, Zhejiang has started an overall acceptance inspection on the elimination of inferior Class V water in the province since June. Three cities (Shaoxing, Huzhou and Quzhou), together with their subordinate districts, have taken the lead in eliminating inferior Class V water and implemented a mechanism of long effective management.
On the whole, the provincial water treatment work is well organized, and the result is satisfying. However, no efforts can be relaxed as the task for the second half of the year is still heavy. According to the provincial requirements for water control and inferior Class V water elimination, all localities should be strict with the work on supervision and inspection of the listed inferior Class V water bodies, and further implement the responsibility system. In addition, water management must focus on the polluted source, take water quality as a prerequisite and pollution interception as a fundamental principle to make sure that water will not be polluted again.

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