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Five Local Governments in Taihu Lake Basin Setting Up “River Chief Union”
2017-06-09 10:59:09

The second on-site meeting of the River Chief Union for Taihu Lake Basin was held on June 6 in Shaoxing. Representatives from five local governments, including Jiangsu province, Zhejiang province, Shanghai, Fujian province and Anhui province, attended the meeting. The meeting put forward that the five local governments should speed up the building of the organizations for water control to promote the Union system in the whole area in accordance with the state requirements. Meanwhile, according to the unified requirements from the Administration of Taihu Lake Basin under the Ministry of Water Resources, the Working Manual for River Chief Union should be formulated to offer harness plans for all rivers and lakes in the basin and carry out the policy of “One Solution for One River”.
The meeting emphasized that the five local governments should strengthen their coordinative management of the basin to set up the “River Chief Union” in appropriate places, so that inter- provincial rivers and lakes can be put under united supervision.

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