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Zhejiang Implements a-Full- Range Online Contract Recording
2017-06-05 09:51:40

Reporters learned from Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce that “measures of Zhejiang province on filing contract format and terms” (hereinafter referred to as “the Measures”) would be formally implemented on June 1, in a bid to standardize the filing of contract format and terms in the province, and facilitate enterprises’ declarations for filing.
It is noticed that one of the highlights of “the Measures” lies in its explicit statement that the contract recording could be fully handled online through “Zhejiang filing system of contract format and terms”. What’s more, through the system, enterprises can accomplish the entire process of contract recording online all at once, which proves a real “zero presence”. It is also learnt that the implementation of "the Measures" will make Zhejiang become the first province to carry out the entire online completion of contract format and terms filing. According to officials from provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, the matching implementation of “the Measures” and online system has not only accorded with and promoted “at-most-one-time presence”, the goal of enterprises service reform, but also reflected the shifting of Zhejiang’s supervision focus on contract format and terms from “pre-operational review" to “operational and post-operational oversight".

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