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“One Trip Having All Matters Done” Service in Zhejiang Security Control System
2017-06-12 10:04:52

“One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform has been carried out in the security control system. Recently reporters learned from Zhejiang Administration of Security Control (ZASC) that a total of 26 items in relation to the requirement of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” was released.
Large number of application materials and complicated online procedures are necessary for the safe production programs, therefore ZASC sets high-risk industries like hazardous chemical substance, mining, fireworks as priorities to reengineer the process with emphasis on completing application, supplementing and correcting materials, and prompt delivering. An official from ZASC told the reporters:” We now accept the applications without enough materials, and ask the applicants to mail the rest, so that we can raise the work efficiency.”
Speedy approval doesn’t mean any looser supervision. ZASC has reformed the working mode of supervision by intensifying in-process and post-action control, implementing law enforcement annual plan of work safety, taking “double-random” measures in supervision and examination( selecting the sample at random and assigning the inspector at random), improving the “blacklist” system and increasing the joint punishment to credit-lacking enterprises. From January to May this year, ZASC has made 105,000 inspections over enterprises and business, imposing a total of 1811 units/times of administrative penalty.

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