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Zhejiang’s Wisdom on Traffic Jam Management
2017-06-12 09:56:44

Traffic jam management project will end in 2017 after five years’ efforts with great progress. In the past five years all localities in the province have been committed to “planning road network, building toll gate, and repairing the broken roads”, which has resulted in building 177 urban roads with 780 kilometers in length, adding 680,000 parking berths, and improving 279 old residential parking and traffic order. Lengthening the short stave of the transport infrastructure has achieved remarkable success.
Zhejiang has taken combined measures to manage traffic jam by putting the planning, construction and management together, and integrating governance ideas, in a bid to build a seamlessly connected, three-dimensional, efficient and multimodal transport, and modern urban integrated transport system with high carrying capacity.

Measures have increasingly become diversified in congestion management. Hangzhou promotes parking industrialization and encourages social forces to invest in public parking, issuing the first whole property certificate of public parking in Zhejiang. Jiaxing has applied public-private partnership to introduce the social capital of 530 million yuan to develop underground space. Zhoushan has turned old office buildings of governmental institutions in old districts into public parking lot.
Intelligence devices have been used in congestion management, such as modern information technology, big data and Internet+. These have strengthened resource sharing and application development, have improved management effectiveness and accuracy and guided citizens to go out in an efficient and convenient way.
By 2020 Zhejiang will achieve two significant goals in congestion management and create “a smoother road network” according to the plan. Currently, many goals are achieved, including more 250 kilometers of city subway, bus spots with full coverage in 500 meters radius and 95% of normalizing rate of transportation device set. The people in the province will find much easier in going out.

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