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Zhejiang Issues Foreign Trade “Report Card” for First Four Months
2017-05-26 10:12:53

Reporters learned from Hangzhou Customs that Zhejiang recently issued the “report card” of its foreign trade performance for the first four months of this year. Statistics shows that the total import and export value arrives at 760.62 billion yuan, up by19.5% YOY. The export volume is 565.96 billion yuan, up by 12.6%, and the import volume is 194.66 billion yuan, up by 45.8% YOY.
Zhejiang’s major import and export market was stable, with the total import and export volume between Zhejiang and the countries along the Belt and Road reaching 238.07 billion yuan, up by 19% YOY. In particular, the export growth to Russia, Iran, Poland and Iraq, which is a highlight, reaches 30%, 34.1%, 23.6% and 28.5% YOY respectively.
The boost of the bulk stock trade is largely contributed to the import growth. From January to April, Zhejiang’s primary plastic resins, iron ore, scrap metal imports reached 17.1 billion yuan, , 15.77 billion yuan, and 10.73 billion yuan respectively, corresponding to an increase of 47.8%, 1.1 times, 63.5% YOY. In exports, mechanical and electrical products and labor intensive products grew steadily, while the export of refined oil, containers, mobile phone soared to 2.63 billion yuan, 2.21 billion yuan and 1.08 billion yuan respectively, up by 95.5% , 3.2 times and 2.3 times.

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