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Zhejiang Judicial Administration Optimizes Procedures to Promote “Settlement at One Window” Service
2017-05-24 09:42:40

On May 19, reporters learned from Zhejiang Provincial Department of Justice that it had so far combed and released a total of 13 major items and 33 minor items in relation to the requirement of “One Trip Having All Matters Done”. All the approval items meet the requirement.
In the field of judicial administration, the reform of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” is mainly involved with four major aspects, including lawyers, notarization, forensic professional approval and legal aids.
This year, the provincial judicial administration has handled 2,408 items included in the system of “One Trip Having All Matters Done”, among which 1,603 items are handled online. The time limit of province-level approval for lawyers, forensic practice and other matters has been reduced to 3 working days, rather than 20 statutory working days.

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