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Zhejiang Ranked No.1 in National Assessment of Water Pollution Prevention and Control
2017-12-07 09:25:11

The Ministry of Environmental Protection, approved by the State Council, recently released the assessment results for 2016 in line with the Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Water Pollution (the Plan). Zhejiang’s performance is excellent, ranking No.1 in the country, for which the province is rewarded a special fund of 160 million yuan designated for water environment treatment by the central government.
The Plan is a guiding document for China’s prevention and control of water pollution. With regard to the Plan, the assessment includes two aspects: the performance of achieving water environment quality goals, and the achievements in completing key tasks of preventing and controlling water pollution. The former is compulsory for the assessment and the latter is also considered. Zhejiang’s results are remarkable, with a score of 98.8 for the first assessment standard and 91.5 for the second. Among 31 provinces and municipalities, Zhejiang is the only one with both scores above 90.

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