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Zhejiang Comprehensively Deepens General Inspection on Safety Production
2017-12-04 09:35:19

On November 30, Zhejiang held a provincial teleconference on “deepening general inspection on safety production”, aiming at redeploying, reexamining and re-implementing safety production management, to ensure the stability in provincial safety production situation during the 4th World Internet Conference, to guarantee the provincial general inspection on safety production a perfect end, and to exercise preventions against serious accidents, thus resulting in a safe year without any serious or worst accidents in the field of safety production.
Zhejiang should take safeguarding the 4th World Internet Conference as a big challenge of the political priority of studying and implementing the guiding principles of the 19th CPC National Congress, performing the best mental status and work style, and focusing on the implementation of safety production management. All localities shall have a clear view of safety situation, comprehensively deepening the general inspection on safety production, efficiently preventing and controlling any kinds of accidents, resolutely preventing major accidents or accidents with significant impacts. Key industries and fields must be given prominence to troubleshooting, hidden perils must be rectified in place, prevention and control must be rigorous and through, emergency disposal must be fast and effective, and accountability must be serious.


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