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Zhejiang Overfulfills Major Investment Projects
2017-12-29 09:28:28

Reporters learned from Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission that the construction of provincial major projects has been accelerating. The construction commencement rate of 385 new provincial key construction projects is expected to be over 93% throughout the year, and about 250 projects have been completed. It is estimated that the investment in the “411” major projects will reach 1.2 trillion yuan and the investment in provincial key construction projects will be nearly 500 billion yuan, which exceeds the annual target.
Significant achievements have been made in the planning and attracting of the “Zhejiang Entrepreneurs’ Returning to Invest in Zhejiang” Project. This year, lots of activities have been organized, such as the signing activity of “Return to Invest in Zhejiang” projects at the Fourth World Zhejiang Entrepreneurs Convention, “Zhejiang Entrepreneurs’ Returning to Invest in Zhejiang”(in Guangdong) project activities, and the construction of the corporate headquarters economic park for Zhejiang University alumni. These activities have attracted many Zhejiang entrepreneurs both domestic and overseas to return to their hometowns, and brought back a number of hundred-million-yuan investment projects to Zhejiang, hence bringing new impetus to provincial economic development. It is estimated that the paid-in investment brought back by Zhejiang entrepreneurs will reach 495 billion yuan this year, up 41.8 percent YOY.

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