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Zhejiang Releases Cultural Development Index 2016
2017-12-29 09:27:04

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Development Index(CDI) 2016, which was prepared by the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial Statistics Bureau, has been officially released.
The Index indicates that calculating for the baseline value of 100 in 2015, the CDI in 2016 is 112.30, increasing 12.3%, which is a double-digit growth for the third consecutive year.
In 2016, the first year of the 13th Five Year Plan, Zhejiang’s cultural development saw a more obvious momentum in multiple aspects. In the 6 evaluated areas, the “cultural resource support capacity” index is 106.23, the “cultural value guiding capacity” index is 103.88, “public culture service capacity” is 127.23, the “culture industry competitiveness” index is 115.94, the “regional culture innovation capacity” is 113.25, and the “public assessment” index is 104.63. In terms of the growth contribution rate, the “public culture service capacity” index ranks the first, contributing 37.63% to the total index, , and the other contributions are 24.61% from “culture industry competitiveness”, 19.39% from “regional culture innovation capacity”, 8.61% from “cultural resource support capacity”, 5.99% from “cultural value guiding capacity”, and 3.77% from “public assessment”.

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