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Zhejiang Implements the Most Stringent Management System on Water Resources in All Aspects
2017-12-25 09:27:46

The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC takes the idea of insisting on the harmonious coexistence of human and nature as one of the basic strategies of persisting and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, putting water conservancy in the top of the nine infrastructure networks, further deepening the connotation of water conservancy work and thereby pointing out the development direction of water conservancy.

“The beneficial way keeps pace with the times.” Implementing the most stringent water resources management system and maintaining the “three baselines” of water resources management, Zhejiang is striding forward and standing at the forefront in the long march of water resources management, in a bid to provide a strong water resource guarantee for the realization of high-quality and sustainable development of Zhejiang’s economy. In the most stringent water resources management assessment in 2016, Zhejiang ranked the second.

 We will continue improving water resources management and service support capacity, strictly controlling the total amount and intensity of water resources consumption, and implementing the assessment of the total emission reduction of pollutants into the river. Besides, we will vigorously carry out “double standards” action of water conservation and water protection, promote the county’s water-saving society construction and the drinking water security standard construction, and carry out the prevention and supervision of soil and water conservation to accelerate the improvement of the comprehensive management of soil and water loss...Water resources management in Zhejiang is gradually delivering a good report to the society.

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