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Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorial Organs’ Public Interest Litigation Achieves Full Coverage
2017-12-25 09:25:41

With the implementation of the newly-revised “Civil Procedure Law” and “Administrative Procedure Law” on July 1 of 2017, the system of the public interest litigation has been established by procuratorial organs for half a year. On December 20, reporters learned from Zhejiang provincial procuratorial organs that, so far, they have finished the full coverage of the public interest litigation’s pretrial procedure in advance.
Over the past six months, Zhejiang provincial procuratorial organs have been thoroughly carrying out various work of the public interest litigation, promoting administration according to law, and effectively protecting the interests of the state and the public interest of the society. The progress and achievements in public interest litigation are obvious. By the end of November, Zhejiang procuratorial organs at all levels have collected 243 cases of public interest litigation, filed 184 cases and initiated 168 cases for pretrial procedures. The three indices are all at the top of the list among the non-pilot provinces. It is learned that the number of pretrial procedures cases among the dour field, such as ecological environment and resource protection, food and drug safety, state-owned property protection and transfer of state-owned land use rights, are 113, 7, 32 and 16 respectively, accounting for 67.3%, 4.2%, 19% and 9.5% in respective. The pretrial procedure cases in Lishui, Quzhou and Hangzhou rank the top three in Zhejiang.

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