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Zhejiang to Push Political and Legal Work Forward in the New Era
2017-12-22 09:37:24

On December 19, a forum of secretaries of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee at the municipal level was held in Quzhou, mainly focusing on political and legal work in Zhejiang for the next year, as well as the next period, so as to push the work forward in the new era from a higher position and more practical foothold.
All the secretaries in the forum said that the political and law system in Zhejiang should take the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC as the primary political task, further strengthen the political power, and always take the party’s absolute leadership as the first requirement to ensure that the political and legal principle of the party is put into practice; further enhance sense of pride and deeply understand the achievements of Zhejiang’s justice undertakings; start a new journey at a new beginning to seize the new victory; further clarify the historical position and initial mission; firmly establish the people-centered development thought; actively maintain a good social order to promote social justice and fairness; further strengthen the service awareness centering around the overall situation, thus escorting the construction of “Two High Levels”; and continuously improve the ability and level of leadership related to work on political and legal work.

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