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Zhejiang Launches 2017 Assessment of Small Cities and Towns’ Comprehensive Environmental Improvement
2017-12-22 09:36:38

On December 19, reporters learned from the Leading Group Office of Zhejiang Provincial Small Cities and Towns’ Comprehensive Environmental Improvement, that Zhejiang has officially launched 2017 annual assessment of comprehensive environmental improvement of small cities and towns.
Since September of 2016, Zhejiang has been starting a campaign of comprehensive environmental management of small cities and towns and the planning work of management and deployment has been completed all over the province, with the construction of improvement projects in full swing and special projects promoted. In September, 36 small towns and cities, as the first batch, met the standards, and various work achieved their initial results. The cities and towns, on the list of assessment, are 11 cities with divided districts, 84 counties (cities, districts) included in the comprehensive environmental management of small towns and cities, and the small towns applying for the assessment at the end of 2017.

It is learned that the inspection group was composed of 11 teams, with one special action expert and one city- or county-levelled supervision expert in the following six administrative fields in each team, namely leading planning and design, township health construction, on-road disorder governance, at-random driving governance, line-pulling chaos governance, and “low, small, messy” industry governance. Each inspection team, through listening to township reports, checking accounts and on-site inspections, etc., conducted benchmarking tests on the relevant remediation contents of small towns, and graded them one by one.

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