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Zhejiang to Make Legislation of Monitoring on Geographical Conditions
2017-12-21 09:08:10

Reporters learned from the provincial Legislative Affairs Office that the provincial government executive meeting passed the “Measures for the Administration of Monitoring on Geographical Conditions of Zhejiang Province (Draft)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Measures Draft”).
According to the report, geographical conditions, from the perspective of geographical space, are supposed to analyze, study and describe the situation of the country, which is an important aspect of the basic system of national conditions, and also an important support for economic and social development and an important foundation for the government’s scientific decision-making. The geographical monitoring in Zhejiang has been in the forefront of the whole country, and has been extensively applied to such tasks as “multi-disciplinary integration”, “five water governance” and leading cadres’ leaving and auditing of natural resources assets. This time, Zhejiang took the lead in developing relevant legislation aiming at accumulating experience for national legislation.
The “Measures Draft” consists of general principles, organization and implementation, quality management and application of achievements, legal responsibilities and supplementary provisions. For the first time, the monitoring of geographical condition is defined as “the activity of using spatial information technologies such as surveying and mapping and remote sensing and other relevant technologies to conduct geographical conditions by dynamic monitoring, observation and statistical analysis, reflecting and assessing the status and potential changes of natural resources, ecological environment, economic and social development, and etc.

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