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Zhejiang Issues the First Batch of Intelligent Certificate for the Disabled with Full Record and Accurate Service
2017-12-20 09:32:53

On the morning of December 14, Zhang Lizhong, a 45-year-old disabled in Zhenhai, Ningbo, got an intelligent certificate for the disabled, similar to the second-generation ID card. Relying on the “Internet Plus” and the use of big data, this tiny smart card for the disabled accurately records the basic information of disabled people, the disabled-benefit policy and other kinds of cases. “With this card, now the application for subsidies can be completed only by the mobile terminal at home, and the information can also be changed directly, which has brought too much convenience to our life.” Zhang Lizhong praised.

On December 14, the pilot start-up of the national intelligentized disability certificate was launched in Ningbo. 8 representatives in Zhejiang received the first batch of intelligent certificate for the disabled. Under the guidance and support of China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), Zhejiang, in combination with the “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform, carried out pilot projects on intelligent certificate for the disabled in Hangzhou and Ningbo, sorting out the living guarantee for the disabled, medical rehabilitation, education and employment, culture and sports, the rule of law rights protection, voluntary service, barrier-free construction and other service items. From the point of view of convenience for people with disability, Zhejiang optimized workflows, realized process reengineering, and improved the level of precision services for disabled persons.

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