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Yuan Jiajun Made an Investigation on Marine Ecological Protection Work in Haiyan
2017-12-20 09:31:01

On December 16, Yuan Jiajun, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Governor, while making an investigation on marine ecological protection work in Haiyan, stressed that all departments should follow the deployment requirements from the National Maritime Inspectorate and the provincial government, combine with the rectification put forward by the central environmental protection inspectorate in its former phase, and better to finish the marine protection and management work, especially the weaknesses in the land reclamation work. All departments should exercise immediate rectification while being supervised. In order to make rectification work in place, all departments concerned should promote the development of marine economy and marine ecological civilization construction, and accelerate the “Two High Level” construction with a high degree of political consciousness, more vigorous measures, as well as more solid work.

On November 20, the National Marine Inspectorate began to make a special supervision on our province. Up to now, the Inspectorate has gathered 68 batches of documents, had 48 interviews with provincial and municipal government and department personnel, inspected 18 cases related to the sea projects and sewage mouth on the spot, and has also transferred 82 pieces of letters. Our provincial coastal departments at all levels in full cooperation with the Marine Inspectorate work, has handled and given feedback to 72 pieces of letters, and at the same time, they have done well on data collection, interview, petition affair, detailed verification and other aspects of logistics services, which are fully affirmed by the Inspectorate Group.

Yuan Jiajun paid a visit to the east section of land reclamation project in Haiyan, so as to check the condition of the project, and he also listened to the report from the relevant person in charge.

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