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Foreign Trade Revenue Prior to December Overtakes 2016’s Total
2017-12-20 09:28:42

On December 14, reporters learned from Hangzhou Customs that from January to November Zhejiang’s import-export revenue totaled 2315.5 billion yuan, overtaking the total revenue of 2016, up 16% YoY and higher than China’s average. Of the 2315.5 billion yuan, 1758.78 billion yuan came from export, up 10.5% YoY; and the rest (556.72 billion yuan) was from import, up 37.5% YoY.

An analysis reveals that, driven by increasing recovery of foreign trade, Zhejiang has delivered relatively high growth in foreign trade since July atop the massive export base. Most impressive was the explosive growth that occurred in November, a month traditionally taken as the slack season for international trade, pushing record highs to emerge both in export and import. In November alone, Zhejiang’s foreign trade revenue reached 236.13 billion yuan, 17.8% higher than the same month last year and 5.2% higher than China’s average. More specifically, export in November harvested 177.42 billion yuan, up 13.5% YoY and 3.2% higher than the national average. It was the second peak in 2017 and the third peak ever. Import reached 58.71 billion yuan, up 32.9% YoY and 17.3% higher than the national average.

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