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Breakthroughs of Data Sharing Achieved in Zhejiang
2017-12-20 09:26:47

The data sharing of the first 100 items with high frequency, which accounts for over 90% in the provincial administrative departments makes new breakthroughs, and the percentage of data sharing reaches 78.8%. On December 14, the 4th special meeting on solutions to information disconnection and data sharing to promote “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform was held, which showed remarkable progress.
At the meeting the related unit leaders reported on the reform progress. While the leaders from the provincial data management center explained the “V” system in the data sharing system by PPT, data and flow diagrams on the spot. Besides, four leaders demonstrated the latest achievements of data sharing through dealing with the matters on the computer. The provincial leaders interacted with the presenters from time to time and offered with the on-site hand-painting “V” system, explaining the profound matter in a simple way and systematically guiding them to use this model to promote “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reform, meanwhile the key points and the specific requirements were especially put forward.

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