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Zhejiang’s CPI up 2.2% YoY in November
2017-12-15 09:24:16

On December 11, reporters learned from the Survey Office of the National Bureau of Statistics in Zhejiang that in November Zhejiang’s CPI increased 2.2% YoY while decreasing 0.2% MoM. 
CPI increase in November shrank by 0.2% compared with that in October, a drop largely correlated to dipping prices of food, tobacco and alcohol which affect CPI most effectively. Data shows that prices of food, tobacco and alcohol decreased by 0.5% YoY in November. Among which, prices of fresh vegetables plunged by 13.5%; livestock meat prices down 4.8% (pork down 6.7%); aquatic products up 2.8%; eggs up 2.2%; grains up 1.6%; and fresh fruits up 1.5%.  
Meanwhile, of the other 7 major categories, 6 registered price increase; the only exception was the category of “Other products and their services”, dipping 0.1%. Prices of Housing, Education, culture and entertainment, Health and medical care, Transport and communications, Daily necessities and services, and Clothing rose by 6.9%, 2.7%, 2.2%, 1.1%, 0.8% and 0.7% respectively. 
Overall, YoY increase is narrowing. On the one hand, prices of food, tobacco and alcohol are decreasing due to expanded increase in fresh vegetables prices; and on the other, prices of other products and their services are increasing due to dipping prices of gold accessories and hotel rates.



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