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Zhejiang Speeds up Clearing “Zombie Enterprises”
2017-12-13 09:30:54

The 19th CPC National Congress explicitly put forward “optimizing the allocation of social resources”. But how to optimize? Disposing of “zombie enterprises” can be one of the most efficient ways. At the provincial tele-conference on “zombie enterprises” held on December 8, the General Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province released “Opinions on Speeding up Disposing of ‘Zombie Enterprises’ ” (hereafter called Opinions), among which 22 precise measures were taken  during the process of “zombie enterprises” disposition.
It is learned that by the end of October, the province has disposed of 909 “zombie enterprises” in total, among which 354 have been launched this year. According to the record from all the regions, the disposition of 658 enterprises has been completed.
The ultimate goal of disposing of “zombie enterprises” is to release the valuable resources like capital and land that invested in “zombie enterprises” in a bid to put these investments into raising people’s living standards, supporting the technological innovation, promoting the remediation of traditional drivers and developing new drivers so that the optimum allocation of the existing resources can be realized. By the end of this October, a total of 39,800-mu reserved land and 16.7641 million square meters of the factory construction area have been re-utilized, 46.478 billion yuan non-performing assets of the bank have been solved, 83,535 laid-off workers have been re-employed, increasing the production value of 25.945 billion yuan and the profit tax 2.173 billion yuan.

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