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Zhejiang Quickens Its Pace to Construct Standardized Reform of “Up to One Errand”
2017-12-13 09:30:08

The standardized reform of “Up to One Errand” has got a second wind in Zhejiang. It was reported from Zhejiang Commission Office for Public Sector Reform and Zhejiang Administration of Quality and Technology Supervision that a provincial standard of Service Hall Management was publicized on December 1. Data Standard on Legal Person and Data Standard on Electronic Files from Zhejiang Government Affairs Service Site were publicized a bit earlier. The three Standards play a key role in the “Up to One Errand” reform, and they take the lead in the country, showing that Zhejiang has set a successful example across the land.
Service Hall of Government Affairs is a forefront to provide service for the public. Service Hall Management, which consists of 8 sectors, was drafted by Zhejiang Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, Zhejiang Association for Standardization, Nanhu District Administration of Examination and Approval in Jiaxing, Yuhuan and Quzhou Municipal Service Centers. It regulates on service field orders, service image, security management and management performance.
Service Hall Management is based on experience from the public. For example, Affair Service Zone like information desk, and Convenience Zone like mother-and-baby rooms are offered. Staff  workers are also required to be stricter in  arranging materials in storing boxes according to accepting departments, items and time limits. Private belongings should be kept in a certain place.



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