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Zhejiang Steps up Water Conservancy Construction
2017-12-11 09:23:36

On December 7, the provincial work conference on water conservancy was held in Zhu Ji and released an impressive report on Zhejiang’s water conservancy construction. As of the end of November, the province had invested 53.2 billion yuan in water conservancy and completed the central investment plan implemented by the Ministry of Water Resources two months ahead of schedule, which was openly acclaimed by the State Council. More importantly, Zhejiang has invested 22 billion yuan in the “100 Billion Investment Program for 100 Flood Control and Drainage Projects”, a task completed ahead of the annual plan.
The “100 Billion Investment Program for 100 Flood Control and Drainage Projects” is a provincial plan for water conservancy construction launched last year. According to the plan, Zhejiang is to implement 100 major water conservancy projects, with an investment of 100 billion yuan, aiming to improve its flood control and drainage ability to a much higher level. Zhu Fajun, Director of the Water Control Office of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Water Resources Management, said that the water conservancy construction faces huge financial pressure due to the cancellation of collecting the construction fund and the stricter regulation of land quota also brings about a great difficulty. Therefore, “It’s really not easy to have achieved such a success,” added Zhu.


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