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Actively Changing the Way of Tax Collection and Administration and Promoting “One Trip Having All Matters Done”
2017-12-01 09:14:45

Simplifying administrative procedures and delegating powers to lower levels, combining decentralization of power and management, and optimizing services, “Simplifying, Managing, and Servicing” for short, Zhejiang Local Taxation Bureau takes taxpayers experience into consideration, and effectively enhance the sense of gain of them, in a bid to achieve the system of “One Trip Having All Matters Done”, or even “Having All Matters Done Without a Trip”.
In the recent sample survey of Zhejiang Provincial Government’s reform on “One Trip Having All Matters Done”, and “Simplifying, Managing, and Servicing” done by the third-party, Zhejiang’s “achievement rate” and “satisfaction rate” of the tax affairs ranked the second place, with the achievement rate and the satisfaction rate 90.5% and 90.6% respectively, and in excess of nearly 13 percentage points and 4 percentage points than Zhejiang’s average level, which was highly affirmed by the taxpayers and all the sectors of the society.

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