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New Online Service for the Accumulative Fund Business of Governments Directly under Zhejiang Province
2017-11-08 09:11:57

Based on the service concept of the “Internet + Accumulative Fund”, the new online service system of Zhejiang Provincial Housing Accumulative Fund Center formally launched on November 3 with a number of business operations entering the era of “face-scanning” and “no-running”, and this new online service reached the advanced level in the whole nation.
The new version of online service system accepts all kinds of business related to housing fund in 24 hours, and automatically verifies the required materials, in a bid to achieve online service for zero paper material submitted. For the individual users, the new system has the access to online certification, application, handling, and conclusion of the matter without running to the service windows. The first batch of online fund-withdrawing operations are: individual withdrawing without houses, retired people withdrawing, residents in Hangzhou withdrawing in person (Departments of Housing Management of Hangzhou’s main city, Xiaoshan District, Yuhang District, Dajiangdong Industrial Cluster, and Fuyang District could verify customers’ information online after November 1st.) In the past, customers need at least 5 working days to run to banks and fund centers. Now, the online service system could help customers repay the debt with one button, and automatically finish the whole work without leaving home. And the center will send the mortgage cancellation materials and the certification of other rights within 3 working days according to the addresses reserved by the customers.

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