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Zhejiang Promotes High-leveled Medical Association Construction
2017-11-08 09:10:32

Zhejiang has another new trend in establishing a long-term mechanism of “Double Down-transferences and Two Promotions”. Recently, the Provincial Government Office issued the “Opinions on the Implementation of High-leveled Medical Association Construction”, requiring that the province establish and improve the effective operation of high-leveled medical integration model in 2017, promote the high quality medical resources subside in an effective and order way, and strengthen the construction of country health service community.
According to the “Opinions”, all the tertiary public hospitals across the province should fully participate in the medical establishment and play a leading role in the process. Each district and city should build a certain number of high-quality medical units with obvious effect. Based on the integrated management of the close cooperation of medical treatment of existing “Double Down-transferences and Two Promotions” and the county and village health integration, the province will continue to explore the compact medical community, the county medical community, the city “1+X” medical association, specialist alliance and telemedicine collaboration network construction. The “Opinions” also requires the county hospital as a leader, integrating the county and township medical resources, setting up the county medical community and implementing the group operation management.
Reporters learned that at present, 11 pilot counties have been selected from 11 cities and districts to carry out the construction of county medical service community. The 11 cities and districts are Chun’an County, Yuyao City, Rui’an City, Deqing County, Tongxiang City, Keqiao District, Dongyang City, Changshan County, Putuo District, Luqiao District, and Jinyun County. According to the plan, the pilot counties (cities, districts) should take a leading role in achieving the goal of 90% visiting rate and 65% of the grassroots visiting rate. The medical community will also strengthen the signing service with the goal of 50% sighing rate of the pilot counties (cities, districts).

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