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Two Scientists in Zhejiang Elected Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering
2017-11-30 09:36:41

On November 27, the Chinese Academy of Engineering announced the new members of the 2017 academicians. 2 scientists of Zhejiang province were on the list, they are Professor Zhu Lizhong from Zhejiang University and Professor Zheng Yuguo from Zhejiang University of Technology.
Two newly-elected academicians have already made outstanding contributions in their respective fields of expertise. Professor Zhu Lizhong, an environmental science expert, has long been engaged in the control of pollutant interfacial behavior and soil-water organic pollution control technology as well as research on applied engineering, which have broken through the scientific problems of accurately predicting and regulating the nonlinear interfacial behavior of organic pollutants. And he has also overcome the key technical problems in terms of organic polluted farmland and site soil coordinated remediation, including the application of organic bentonite in large-scale waste water treatment projects, thus achieving systematic results in the application of soil-water organic pollution control engineering.
Professor Zheng Yuguo, a bioengineering expert, has achieved a series of original results in the field of microbial fermentation and biocatalysis, and successfully realized the industrialization of sugar tablet “Acarbose”, a major drug therapy of diabetes, i.e., the largest production scale in the country, and those main technical and economic indicators superior to its counterparts at home and abroad. This innovation has broken the long-standing technology and market monopoly of foreign pharmaceutical giants, and strengthened the discourse right and pricing power of domestic enterprises in international competition through full participation in international competition, which plays an important role in promoting the development of microbial pharmaceutical industry and the upgrading of pharmaceutical industry in China.

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