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Environmental Quality Report of First Three Quarters Released
2017-11-24 11:00:14

Recently, Environmental Protection Administration of Zhejiang Province has released a report of Zhejiang’s environmental quality in the first three quarters this year, which shows that the general situation continues to improve, and people’s growing need for a better life has been satisfied.
Since the beginning of this year the province has obtained obvious achievements in the battle of eliminating below-Class V waters, and the water environmental quality has increased steadily. In the first three quarters among 221 provincial-controlled surface water sections, the proportion of Grade I to III was 81%. The water sections accounted for 85.1% in water functional areas. The overall water quality of eight major river systems has stayed good or has remained unchanged, while the water sections from Grade I to III in the Grand Canal have improved markedly with an increase of 42.9%.
In the first three quarters the days of quality air monitored in cities above the county-level in Zhejiang amount to 90.1% on average, while the days with serious pollution account for 0.01%. The average percentage of days with good air has  increased by 2.2% year on year. All of the average concentrations of pollutants including SO2, PM2.5, and PM10 that affect air quality assessment have decreased. In the days of the pollution, the chief pollutant O3 accounts for the most. The important factor VOCs in the pollutant O3 has been included as the key task of controlling air pollution this year, and the provincial emission reduction of VOCs key project will reach over 40, 000 tons.




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