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Zhejiang Completes This Year’s Public Rental Housing Construction in Advance
2017-11-15 09:34:15

Zhejiang has been placing great importance on public rental housing indemnification, and its construction and allocation has been accelerated with the promotion of the “at-most-one-time presence” reform to ensure urban housing security. Reporters learned from Zhejiang Provincial Construction Department that up to the end of September, 93.9% of the government-funded public rental housing which started construction by the end of 2014 has been allocated, while 96.7% of the public rental housing which began construction by the end of 2013 has been allocated. It indicates that this year’s construction and allocation has been completed ahead of schedule and  above the quota.
To deal with the popular complaints featuring information non-transparency, complicated process and low efficiency in the allocation assessment, the provincial construction department has researched on and superintended every individual city with subordinate districts to carefully analyze the “sticking points”, simplify the application procedures, optimize the assessment process and eventually facilitate assessment.

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