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Zhejiang Achieves 80% Coverage of Goal Ahead of Schedule
2017-11-14 09:25:50

Zhejiang’s reform of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” achieved important results. On November 9, reporters learned from the relevant departments that, as of the third quarter of 2017, 773 projects of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” at the provincial level had been achieved, the ratio up to 96.99%, and the goal of having 80% coverage on the projects of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” by the end of 2017 was also achieved ahead of schedule.
The report of the 19th CPC National People’s Congress puts forward that it will adhere to deepening the reform in an all-round way and continuously pushing forward the modernization of the state governing system and the governance capabilities. The reform of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” is Zhejiang’s exploration and practice based on the spirit of people-centered development. Taking the reform of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” as the breakthrough point, Zhejiang plans and implements a number of great reform actions in the field of politics, economy, culture, society, ecological civilization and party building, expected by the masses and needed by the development. The official in charge of Zhejiang Provincial Reform Office of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” and Zhejiang Provincial Commission Office for Public Sector Reform, introduced that, in the September polls, the enterprises and the masses’ satisfaction rate for the reform of “One Trip Having All Matters Done” reached 95.71%, an increase of 8.81 percentage points from June.

The investment approval of the project, one of the focuses of the reform, shows a variety of pain points during its process. Zhejiang province has gained some replicable, propagable experience in intermediary services, construction drawing review and completion acceptance. And the reform of “Joint Digital Review of Construction Drawings” has reduced the time from 55 working days to 15, or even 10 working days of those general projects in drawing audit, basically achieving the reform of “Having One Trip with All Matters Done”. In addition, it has also been regarded by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development as a new pattern of promoting industry technology forward, ready for promotion around the country. In the same way, the reform of “Completion and Test Integration” in architectural engineering, aiming to reduce the time of completion acceptance from 80 working days to within 20 days, is to get promoted throughout the province.
Breaking “Island of Information” and achieving data sharing is a major challenge in the reform. However, breakthroughs have been made in Zhejiang Province. At present, the data collection of personal information base, corporation base, as well as credit information base has substantially been completed. The opening rate of online application for handling matters in the province (including cities and counties) has amounted to 79.9%, 61.5% and 55.9% respectively. What’s more, the number of bill payment in unified public payment platform has reached 30.9 million cases, with certificate and license through express 10.81 million times.


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