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Zhejiang Delimits the Marine Ecological Red Line Areas
2017-11-10 09:59:25

Recently, Zhejiang Provincial Government Office issued “The Scheme on Delimiting Zhejiang Provincial Marine Ecological Red Line Areas” (hereinafter referred to as “The Scheme”), explicitly brought key marine ecological function areas, ecologically sensitive areas, and ecologically fragile areas into administrative spheres of the marine ecological red line areas, and fully implemented the control measures in the red line areas.
“The Scheme” delimits 105 marine ecological red line ares in Zhejiang, in a total of 14,084 square kilometers, accounting for 31.72% of the total administrative areas. Zhejiang’s natural continental coastline and natural island coastline, included in the red line areas, are about 748 kilometers and 3,509 kilometers respectively, and the retention rate of Zhejiang’s continental and islands natural coastline are 35.03% and 78.05% respectively.
“The Scheme” clearly divides the red line areas into two categories: prohibited and restricted categories. The prohibited red line areas forbid all development activities, mainly including the core and buffer zones of marine natural reserves, the key protected and reserved areas of special marine protection zones, and territorial sea base islands among the special protected islands, accounting for 1.73% of the sea areas under Zhejiang’s administration. The restricted red line areas mainly include the experimental areas of the natural marine reserves, the ecological and resource recovery areas and the moderate utilization areas of the marine special protection areas, the important estuary ecosystems, the tidal flat wetland, the coastal tourist areas, the special protected islands and other important marine ecological function areas, ecologically sensitive areas and ecologically fragile areas.

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