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Zhejiang Calls for a Rapid Upsurge in Water Conservancy Construction
2017-11-10 09:57:14

At present, Zhejiang has entered the critical period of the water conservancy repair in winter and spring. The teleconference of the province’s winter and spring farmland and water conservancy construction and the prevention on forest fires held in November 3 demanded that the province should give prominence to hundreds of flood control and drainage project construction, rural water conservancy project construction, standardization of water conservancy project management and water ecological civilization construction.
Previously, the Provincial Water Resources Department has issued the “Zhejiang Winter and Spring Irrigation and Water Conservancy Infrastructure Implementation Plan (2017-2018)”. The meeting called for that all localities and departments should focus on the targets and tasks and immediately organize the formulation of plans, flipchart operations and inverted construction projects to promptly set off the climax of water conservancy construction, ensuring that the projects get started early, built and benefited as early as possible. Next, the Provincial Water Resources Department will continue to conduct monthly bulletin and supervise the project legal person to speed up the construction progress. At the same time, efforts will be made to the flood disaster damage repair project in a bid to protect the spring production needs and the safety of the flood season next year.
At present, the province has entered into the autumn and winter forest fire prevention period. The meeting called for all relevant departments to step up fire control in accordance with the law, strengthen fire prevention and control of mass incidents, the fire source control, emergency preparation. The province should do a good job in forest fire prevention work with high standards, strict requirements and strong measures, at the same time, priorities should be given to the prevention and control of pine wilt disease.

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