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The Special Rectification Action of Illegal Construction Plants in Zhejiang Province Achieves Remarkable Effects
2017-11-10 09:56:23

On November 7, reporters learned from the provincial office of “Three Renovations and One Demolition”, that the special rectification action of illegal construction plants in Zhejiang province has come to the end. Up to now, our province has demolished a total of more than 12 million square meters of factory plants, among which 1.188 million square meters are confiscated.
Starting from mid-August of this year, Zhejiang province has been widely focusing on the special rectification action of the illegal construction plants, in order to comprehensively eliminate the hidden danger of housing safety, improve the development environment, and further promote the transformation and development. As is requested in various places of Zhejiang province, there is much to be renovated, including “Four Withouts” enterprises (workshops), i.e., without license or document, without security assurance, without legal place, without environmental protection measures, and illegally constructed enterprises with high pollution and consumption, “low, small and scattered” enterprises, as well as some other illegal buildings of structural and quality safety hazards, with serious impact on fire safety, the use of public facilities and flood prevention and control through detection.
As for illegal construction plants, counting the total number is the key. In this case, the office of “Three Renovations and One Demolition” in all counties (cities, districts) takes the initiative to carry out the action with some relevant departments in the area of township streets, comprehensive administrative law enforcement, planning and construction, land and resources, environmental protection, economy and information technology, industry and commerce, and quality supervision. With the help of professional force from the third party, through satellite remote sensing, law enforcement inspection, media exposure, public reporting, 11,768 enterprises have been investigated in the whole province. Besides, illegal construction plants through investigation are put into a “One Plant, One File” list, recorded into the information management platform of “Three Renovations and One Demolition” ready to be canceled.

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